Commitment to the environment

The protection of the environment and the economic use of the natural resources are our intention.
Therefore, we participate in the project "Oecoprofit" of the town and the district Esslingen. For our
successful activities in this project we received an award.

We established the following guidelines for our commitment to the environmental protection:

  • We are a company that handles resources with care to preserve them for our progeny.
  • We want to preserve an environment worth living and therewith take responsibility for the present and the future.
  • By a careful use of resources we want to make our material usage more economic.
  • Our objective is the prevention of dissipation and waste. Our employees are dedicated to be the "engine" for a continuous improvement of our efforts in the environment.
  • By establishing an environmental management system, we want to assure legal certainty and compliance with legal regulations.

Our participation in the project "Oecoprofit" is the entry for an establishment of an environmental management system for which we intend to get a certificate according to the international standard ISO 14001.

Soon you can download our "Oecoprofit award" here:

"Oecoprofit award"

For further information concerning our environmental policy please contact our management representative for the environment using the email adress:

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